About Dave

Who am I?

“Running is Freedom and Freedom is Life.”- David van der Veen

Who am I?

My name is David van der Veen and I am an Ultra trail runner, who loves the beauty that is Ultrarunning. I am 21 years old and compleat in 20km races up to 50km races at the current moment. I am an animal lover and have a Trail dog Electra aka Boo, she accompanies me on all my long training runs.

I have an amazing coach Neville Beeton who is training me to be one of the top Ultrarunners.

My Goals for the sport are as follows,

Become a top 100 miler ultra trail runner, run for my country, participate in the trail world champs, Run Barkley marathon, run in most and or all of the top Ultra trails in the world and finally spread the love of the sport where ever I go.