About Leigh

Mom, mad scientist, creator par excellence, quilter and owned by a young Malinois (Belgian Shepherd) aka “The Munchkin” and a young Giant Schnauzer male aka “The BFG”.

I am a child of Africa, passionate about Africa, living in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The Valley of a Thousand Hills is not only one of the most beautiful but also one of the poorest regions in our beautiful country.

My passions and goals are to help provide employment for some of the mothers and grandmothers who live in the area. Sustainable development can only succeed if we all commit to the goal of social upliftment and by “loving our neighbor as ourselves”.

The Munchkin and I are a K-9 Search and Rescue dog and handler team in training. In short, should you ever get lost in the mountains, we have a very good chance of finding you. Actually, it’s the Munchkin’s nose that will find you, I will just be running along behind watching her work in utter amazement. No one mentioned that I need to be fit enough to run a marathon. Seriously, working with service dogs is a privilege that I would recommend to everyone.

The BFG, on the other hand, is a true gentleman. He loves to cuddle, lie by my feet when I am working, and play, play and play…Oh, and let us not forget that he loves telling the world who his mom is.